Please see below Frequently Asked Questions. If we haven't answered your question please feel free to contact us through the 'Contact' page on this website or email us at fireandspiceco@outlook.com 

FREE MINI JAR T&Cs: a monthly mini jar will be chosen at random for all orders over $60 AUD. To be eligible, the order must total $60 AUD after any discounts have been applied and before shipping costs are included.

WHY SOY WAX? Soy Wax is a cleaner and more natural alternative to petroleum-based paraffin wax candles. There are no hidden nasties, toxins, pollutants or carcinogens so are less likely to agitate allergies. Soy wax also burns cooler than paraffin waxes meaning your soy wax candle will generally last for 30-50% longer. Soy wax also holds the fragrance a lot better so your scent will be released a lot slower and cleaner.



  1. Trim Your Wick: Optimal wick length is approximately 0.5cm. Keeping your candle wicks nice and short ensures your candle will burn at the correct temperature and will smoke less.

  2. First Burn: We recommend you burn your Fire + Spice Co candle for at least 2-3 hours the first time, ensure that the entire surface of the candle is melted as this will set a memory in the wax for future burns.

  3. Allow Your Candle to Melt: Each time you light a Fire + Spice Co candle allow the entire surface of the candle to melt completely. This will ensure your candle will melt correctly and at an equal rate the whole way down.

  4. Keep to Recommended Burn Times: We recommend burning your candles for between 1 – 3 hours for optimal results. Burning for less than 1 hour may result in wax sticking to the side of your jar which may reduce burn time and drown your wick. Burning for more than 3 hours may cause your wick to burn hotter and evaporate the wax faster resulting in a shorter burn time.

  5. Keep A Lid On It: When not in use and where possible keep a lid on your Fire + Spice Co candle to retain the fragrance strength. Leaving the lid off your candle may result in a weaker fragrance the next time you light your candle.

  6. Storage: Store your candle out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.


HOW MUCH IS DOMESTIC SHIPPING/DELIVERY? We aim to ship your Fire + Spice Co products as promptly as possible however it is best to allow up to 1-2 weeks for your product to arrive – particularly if you are ordering from outside WA. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your order. We now offer several different domestic shipping options including standard and express delivery. Please note Express Post cannot be guaranteed for all suburbs.  Should you require your order by a certain date please contact us directly to ensure we can meet your deadline. 


HOW MUCH IS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING/DELIVERY? We offer international shipping to over 65 countries. International shipping rates are determined by the destination and overall weight of the order - this is calculated at checkout. Please allow 6-13 working days for your order to arrive once it has been collected by our courier. You will be able to track your order through our courier once it is collected. Please note there may be extended delays during peak shipping periods (eg. Nov/Dec due to Christmas).


DO YOU OFFER WHOLESALE PRICING FOR LARGE ORDERS? We sure do!  For discounted pricing and a quote please contact us through our website or email fireandspiceco@outlook.com.


CAN YOU CUSTOMISE LABELS FOR A SUBSCRIPTION BOX OR BUSINESS? Of course! We can customise any of our labels to suit you for no additional cost. Our wholesale pricing includes the option for custom labels and fragrances depending on order size.


WHAT IS YOUR RETURNS POLICY? We don't currently accept returns for change of mind or circumstances out of our control - however, if you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us as soon as you receive your order and we will endeavour to rectify the problem. We do no accept any returns on our bath or body products for hygiene reasons. 


WHY HAS MY ORDER BEEN CANCELLED? Fire + Spice Co will never cancel your order without reason or without making several attempts to contact you beforehand. Reasons your order may be cancelled include:
- Shipping costs have not been paid at original checkout. We will send through an invoice for the shipping costs as well as three emails over 10-15 business days following our original email alerting you to the discrepancy. If you fail to pay the requisite shipping costs in a timely fashion, or ignore all contact from Fire + Spice Co then your order will be cancelled, less a 25% administration fee. 
We are unable to fulfil your order in full and the items ordered are not being restocked. If we are unable to supply the items you have ordered then you will be offered a full refund for those items or a suitable replacement. We will send multiple emails to the email address provided on your order advising of the issue. If we do not receive timely correspondence from you then your order will be cancelled in full less a 25% administration fee. If you respond to our emails confirming your acceptance of the offered refund then we will refund the order in full. 


CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER If you choose to cancel your order when we are able to fulfil all items requested then you will be charged a 25% administration fee when we process the refund. 


IS LOCAL PICK UP AVAILABLE? Yes, we offer free local pick up from Aveley, WA. You will be contacted via email or sms when your order is ready to collect (depending on what contact information is provided at checkout). You are required to collection your order within 10 business days' of receiving notification of your order being ready. We will attempt to contact you a minimum of two times to arrange pick up. If you fail to contact us to arrange a collection time your order may be refunded with a 25% admin fee deducted from your refund total.